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SPECIALS: Small Art, Big Impact

Each of these are studies (9 by 12 in. on average) of larger works. In effect, these are the originals before the final original, or they are the only original. With the right frame and in the right place in your home these small originals (all oil on canvas or archival paper) are signed works of art that will make a powerful statement.  FREE SHIPPING WHILE IT LASTS. 

Great Gifts between $89 -- $189
Click on Images for Details

Hillside Village Study.JPG

Tuscan Village, 9 by 12 in.

Blue Carnations Study.JPG

Blue Carnations, 9 by 12 in.

Runyon View Study.JPG

Runyon Night Study, 9 by 9 in.

Palm Springs Pool.JPG


Symphony Study No. 1.JPG

Symphony No. 1 Study, 9 by 12 in.

Poolside, 9 by 12 in.

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