"Usually it begins with a wash of sunlight against a wall, or a red hat in a crowd, or a vision of a woman floating over a pool in the early morning, or the green and ochre hues of a crop field. This is how it always starts. From there I create a sketch, charcoal or pencil. From that simple sketch the process takes me to a color study, in oil or pastels, and then, if it works, I scale up. In this show I have scaled up to my largest canvases yet. It forces my whole body to move with the story, with the brush, and with the textures and colors that bring to life these modern stories from fields, beaches, and cities.  I want people to feel as if they can walk into these works, to get inside them, to become part of it, and if they feel good about them then I've done my job."

Robert Zent Chew

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