My Story

After many years working as a writer and marketing professional, I dropped it all and lifted a paint brush. Thus began a new life. My art starts with the idea of a "story" and builds from there. Each narrative artwork, whether a dream or an inspiration or something strange and beautiful, is built upon the concept of a classic story structure. Right now, I am deeply moved by contemporary landscapes, including deconstructed abstracts, representational, and California impressionism.  Much of what influences me today is based on Edward Hopper and Richard Diebenkorn, but in studying at LA's Kline Fine Art Academy I have started working with young LA artist Scott Yeskel.


Art runs in my family, but it wasn't until very late in life that I understood that it ran deep within me too. Now, bringing my concepts to life seems as natural as breathing. I work primarily in oil and pencil/charcoal and currently focus on coastal landscapes, images of summers past and present, and time worn people and places. I have lived and worked in Chicago, New York, Singapore, Los Angeles, Arizona, and Colorado. I hope you enjoy the art I am creating.


My work can be found here, on, and in private collections. If you like something, buy it for your own collection. I offer originals and limited edition prints.


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