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Featured on New Santa Barbara Mission poster

Mission Fountain, Old Santa Barbara Mission, oil on canvas, 24 in. 36 in.

Available for sale in matte print (8 by 10 in. in photo above) or in poster size at Old Santa 

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What You'll See

My shift of late has been from realism and representational work to contemporary landscapes. This is a broad and interesting area to explore. Today, I am focusing on abstract and impressionistic landscapes.  My compositions range from seascapes to industrial sites to crop fields to poolsides. Anything with interesting light, color, and angle. 


I believe art is dead without a story. Ideally, I want to make people feel as if they are 'there,' or inside the work and its story, as if they've momentarily been transported to this place in front of them.


My landscapes are built on the modern foundations of David Hockney, Edward Hopper, Richard Diebenkorn and more recently the young LA artist Scott Yeskel. My dear aunt and uncle, Peggie and Larry Blizard, are also master artists and their work is a constant inspiration for me as develop new work and the stories behind them.

I do accept commissions for portraits, landscapes and oversized art requirements. Please contact the studio directly to find out more. Click Contact.

I am also happy to show some of my private collection, including primitives, American folk art, Asian, western themes, originals, and more. Thee have been collected over the decades. Take a look, explore, and see what is available. If you like a particular painting or want to discuss a commissioned work, please contact me directly on the Contact page.

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Robert Zent Chew's work is found in the new book, Reinvention Retrospective, now available. Contact Artist for more information.  Each Purchase over $300 will receive a free copy.

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Crop Fields. No.3
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Palisade Stairs No. 1, 2020
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Palm Desert Series. Poolside No. 1
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Curve Ahead, 2020
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Palm Desert Series. Hot Chairs.
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Red Parking Lot No. 2, 2020
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Malibu Summer, 2020
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American Pastoral, California
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Playa del Rey, 2020
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Mission Fountain, Santa Barbara
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The Rail Depot, Montrose 2020
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Blue Bay
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Diver No. 2
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Rail Depot No 2, Montrose, Colo.
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Glory Days
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Dos Palomas Blancas
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Still Afternoon, Colona, Colo.
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Decor Showcase

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Vencie Beach.jpg
Malibu.Living room.jpg
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