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Sepulveda Pass.jpeg
Sepulveda Pass
Oil on Paper
22 in. by 28 in.

Recent Work

Be Original. Be A Hero.
25% Goes To World WildLife Fund in Your Name.

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Three Oranges and Orchid.jpeg
Three Oranges and Orchid
Oil on Canvas
16 in. by 20 in.
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Christmas Bodega
Oil on Canvas
16 in. by 20 in.
With each purchase 25% of the sales price will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund in the collector's name. This tax deductible donation is part of my small effort to help save endangered species and environments around the world. Give the gift of the original art this holiday season and be a hero by helping wildlife at the same time. Free Shipping. Prices start at $89.
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New Work

Freeway Jumble.jpeg
Morning Walk.jpeg
Yellow Wall and Orchid.jpeg
Just Completed: Orchidland, oil on canvas, 30 in. by 24 in. high.

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Just Completed:Three Blue Pots, oil on canvas, 22 in. wide by 28 in. high. Contact for information.

Runyon Night.jpeg
Runyon Night, 24 by 24 in., Oil on Canvas
The Cut.jpeg

The Cut, 20 in. high by 24 in. wide, oil on canvas

Peak, 30 by 40 in., Oil on Canvas
Red Cape No. 1.jpg

Crossed, Oil On Canvas, 30 in. wide by 40 in. high.

SaatchiArt October Featured Artist + Painting: Two Palms

Two Palms.2.jpeg

Two Palms, Palm Springs, 32 in. by 40 in. tall, oil on paper, unframed. Contact artist for price.

"The Incline," Oil on Canvas 24 by 36 in., part of the Pacific Coast Highway Series

Red Cape No. 1, 2021, 24 in. by 24 in., Oil on Canvas, Framed. Available for Sale.

Lakefront Water Works, Chicago 2020
Lakefront Water Works, Chicago 2020
Playa Del Rey Abstract, 2020

Symphony No. 1, 32 in. wide by 38 in. tall, oil on paper. Contact Artist for price.

America Pastoral, California 2020
American Pastoral, Santa Barbara 2020
Book Cover.ReinventionRetrospective.jpg
Playa del Rey No. 1, 2020
Colona Summer, Colorado 2020


Colona Summer, Colorado, 2020

Red Cape No. 1 featured in recent book, Reinvention Retrospective, by Robert Zent Chew. For more information contact artist. 

Mission Fountain, Santa Barbara 2020
Mission Fountain, Santa Barbara 2020, featured in Mission's Recent Art Exhibit. Poster Made of artwork for Mission Fundraiser.